Project/Cruise: NAAMES3 - 2017

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  • VESSEL: R/V Atlantis 
  • DEPARTED: Woods Hole, Massachusetts on 30 AUGUST, 2017
  • ARRIVED: Woods Hole, Massachusetts on 24 September, 2017
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The allocation of the variables in each file is shown in the table below. For all cruises the data are available in several formats and can be downloaded by clicking on the ACF IGOR CDF and/or ICT link in the download column.

The data are stored in a native ascii ACF format, defined by our group. The same data are also available as an IGOR text file (.itx). IGOR is a scientific graphing, data analysis package from Wavemetrics Inc. The plotting section of this site uses the ACF data converted into a binary netCDF file format. While not directly viewable the file may be downloaded by clicking on the "CDF" link. Projects starting in 2004 also have data available in the ICARTT data format. To download click on "ICT". The ICARTT files are ascii files that are based on the NASA AMES standard.

Most ASCII, netCDF, and ICARTT files for this cruise have a time resolution of 1 minute. If available, one second data files are listed under the link "ICT_1s". These one second data files in ICARTT format are zip compressed, but still large, of order 100 Mbytes.

Some data files from recent cruises may be password protected. To obtain a password, please contact Jim Johnson or Timothy Bates.

Moving the cursor over an "Info Icon" and/or clicking provides additional information on the variables.

Filename Download Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter
NAAMES3_NAVWIND_v0 ACF   IGOR   CDF   ICT Ship Latitude at 1 Minute Interval Latitude Ship Ship Longitude at 1 Minute Interval Longitude Ship Speed over Ground from PMEL GPS GPS-Speed (kt) Ship Course over Ground, Direction ship is moving GPS-Course GyroCompass Heading, Direction ship's bow is pointing GyroCompass True Wind Speed from Ship SCS, IMET sensor WindS,m/s Wind Direction from Ship SCS, IMET sensor WindD Eastward Wind from Ship SCS, IMET sensor WindU,m/s Northward Wind from Ship SCS, IMET sensor WindV,m/s Wind Speed relative to Ship from PMEL WX520 RelWindS,m/s Wind Dirn relative to Bow (-90/0/+90 for port/ahead/starboard) RelWindD
NAAMES3_MET_v0 ACF   IGOR   CDF   ICT Ship WXT520 sensor AirTemp,C Relative Humidity RH,% Barometric Pressure BaroP,mbar Insolation from Epply Radiometer Insolation,W/m2 Rainfall rate from WXT520 sensor Rain,mm/hr
NAAMES3_RADON_v0 ACF   IGOR   CDF   ICT Atmospheric Radon, 30 min Averages Radon (mBq m-3)

U.S.Dept of Commerce / NOAA / OAR / PMEL / Atmospheric Chemistry