Project/Cruise: Aerosols99-INDOEX

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  • DEPARTED: Norfolk, Virginia on 14 January 1999
  • VIA
    • Cape Town, South Africa, 8-11 February
    • Mauritius, 20-22 February
    • Male, Maldives 1-4 March
    • Male, Maldives 23-26 March
  • ARRIVED: Male, Maldives on 30 March 1999
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X-Axis Variable Y-Axis
Ship Latitude
Ship Ship Longitude
Ship Speed over Ground from PMEL GPS
Ship Course over Ground from PMEL GPS
Ship RM Young sensor
Ship RM Young Sensor
Barometric Pressure from Ship SCS sensor
Insolation from Epply Radiometer
Wind Speed relative to Ship from Qualimetrics Skyvane 2100
Wind Dirn relative to Bow (-90/0/+90 for port/ahead/starboard)
True Wind Speed from Ship SCS, IMET sensor
Wind Direction from Ship SCS, IMET sensor
Eastward Wind from Ship SCS, IMET sensor
Northward Wind from Ship SCS, IMET sensor
Rainfall rate from optical sensor
Condensation Nuclei Dp > 12 microns
Ultrafine Condensation Nuclei Dp > 3 microns
Ozone from Dasibi 1008 AH and TECO 49
Aerosol light Absorbance
Aerosol Scattering Blue
Aerosol Scattering Green
Aerosol Scattering Red
Aerosol Back Scattering Blue
Aerosol Back Scattering Green
Aerosol Back Scattering Red
Submicron Aerosol Scattering Blue
Submicron Aerosol Scattering Green
Submicron Aerosol Scattering Red
Submicron Aerosol Back Scattering Blue
Submicron Aerosol Back Scattering Green
Submicron Aerosol Back Scattering Red
DMS in Seawater from PMEL DMS System
DMS in Air from PMEL DMS System
Sea Surface Temperature from Thermosalinograph
Sea Surface Salinity from Thermosalinograph
Continuous Chlorophyll
Nitrate in Seawater from Underway Autoanalzyer
Submicron Aerosol Sodium
Supmicron Aerosol Sodium
Sub10micron Aerosol Sodium
Submicron Aerosol Ammonium
Supmicron Aerosol Ammonium
Sub10micron Aerosol Ammonium
Submicron Aerosol Potassium
Supmicron Aerosol Potassium
Sub10micron Aerosol Potassium
Submicron Aerosol Magnesium
Supmicron Aerosol Magnesium
Sub10micron Aerosol Magnesium
Submicron Aerosol Calcium
Supmicron Aerosol Calcium
Sub10micron Aerosol Calcium
Submicron Aerosol Methane Sulfonic Acid
Supmicron Aerosol Methane Sulfonic Acid
Sub10micron Aerosol Methane Sulfonic Acid
Submicron Aerosol Chloride
Supmicron Aerosol Chloride
Sub10micron Aerosol Chloride
Submicron Aerosol Nitrate
Supmicron Aerosol Nitrate
Sub10micron Aerosol Nitrate
Submicron Aerosol Sulfate
Supmicron Aerosol Sulfate
Sub10micron Aerosol Sulfate
Submicron Aerosol non-seasalt Sulfate
Supmicron Aerosol non-seasalt Sulfate
Sub10micron Aerosol non-seasalt Sulfate
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