Global Surface Seawater Dimethylsulfide (DMS) Database

What is DMS and why is it measured?

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The Global Surface Seawater DMS Database was started with the data set described in Kettle et al., (1999).  This database represents an attempt to put most of the global set of seawater DMS measurements on one server, where data can be selected from geographical regions and/or specific time periods.  The statistics of each sub-set of DMS data can be viewed on the output page and the selected data can be downloaded as an ascii file . 

To begin selecting DMS data please go on to the selection  page.

DMS data can also now be accessed on the NOAA ERDDAP data server at:

We welcome contributions of new DMS data, please see the DMS data submission page.


Kettle, A. J., Andreae, M. O., Amouroux, D., Andreae, T. W., Bates, T. S., Berresheim, H., Bingemer, H., Boniforti, R., Curran, M. A. J., DiTullio, G. R., Helas, G. ; Jones, G. B., Keller, M. D., Kiene, R. P., Leck, C., Levasseur, M., Malin, G., Maspero, M., Matrai, P., McTaggart, A. R., Mihalopoulos, N., Nguyen, B. C., Novo, A., Putaud, J. P., Rapsomanikis, S., Roberts, G., Schebeske, G., Sharma, S., Simó, R., Staubes, R., Turner, S., Uher, G, A global database of sea surface dimethyl sulfide (DMS) measurements and a procedure to predict sea surface DMS as a function of latitude, longitude, and month, Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 13(2), p. 399-444, 1999   (download as pdf - warning this is a 100Mbyte pdf file).

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