DMS data contributions

We welcome and encourage submissions of additional surface seawater DMS data to this global DMS data base.

Data are added as "data sets".  Each data set generally consists of a research cruise or a season from a coastal site.   Each data set should include the name of the contributor, platform and region.  If the data have been published, please include the literature reference(s).  The definitions of the contributor, platform and region are given in the data file description.

The data can be submitted as an ASCII file or in an excel spreadsheet.  Please use a downloaded data file from the DMS dataserver as a template (ignore the "contribution number" column, we will assign a new one).  Each DMS data record must contain the Date, Time (UTC), Latitude, Longitude (decimal degree, positive is North and East, negative is South and West), and sample depth  (at this time we are only accepting "surface samples" i.e., samples collected from between the surface and 10 meters depth).  Each DMS data record should also include as much of the following optional data fields as is possible:  DMSPaq, DMSPp, water depth, SST, salinity and wind speed  (please see the definitions in the data file description.)

Submit data by email to:  or