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  • VESSEL: NOAA ship Surveyor
  • DEPARTED: Punta Arenas, Chile on March 20, 1993
  • VIA:
    • Palmer Station, Antarctica on March 24-25, 1993
    • Tahiti on April 15-19, 1993
  • ARRIVED: Seattle, Washington on May 7, 1993

The following files are available for downloading. Please note: one data file may cover more than one time period, thus,some files may be listed more than once. All files are in csv (comma separated value) format. After several lines of general information each file starts with a first row that contains the particle diameter in microns for that column. The first column contains the date/time in Day-of-Year, DOY. DOY 32.5 is 1200 noon UTC on 1-February. All data are in units of dN/dlog10(Dp), N/cm^3. Missing data are designated by a -99 or a -999.

Particle Size Distribution Data for RITS93 is not yet available

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