Project/Cruise: MAGE 92

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  • DEPARTED: Los Angeles on 21 February 1992
  • VIA:
    • Nuka Hiva, Marquesas Islands,
      11-12 March 1992
  • ARRIVED: Los Angeles on 25 March 1992

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Ship Latitude
Ship Ship Longitude
Qualimetrics RTD sensor, atmospheric chemistry group
Barometric Pressure Ship Bridge Barometer
Qualimetrics LiCl cell, atmospheric chemistry group
Insolation from Epply Radiometer SN12946
Wind Speed from Qualimetrics Skyvane 2100, GPS
Wind Direction from Qualimetrics Skyvane 2100, GPS
Eastward Wind from Qualimetrics Skyvane 2100, GPS
Northward Wind from Qualimetrics Skyvane 2100, GPS
Wind Speed relative to Ship from Qualimetrics Skyvane 2100
Wind Dirn relative to Bow (-90/0/+90 from port/ahead/starboard)
Ship Speed over Ground from GPS
Ship Course over Ground from GPS
Condensation Nuclei Dp > 12 microns
Ultrafine Condensation Nuclei Dp > 3 microns
Ozone from Dasibi 1008 AH
CO in Air from PMEL GC System
pCO in Air from PMEL GC System
CO in Seawater from PMEL GC System
pCO in Seawater from PMEL GC System
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U.S.Dept of Commerce / NOAA / OAR / PMEL / Atmospheric Chemistry