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  • VESSEL: NOAA ship Surveyor
  • DEPARTED: Punta Arenas, Chile on March 20, 1993
  • VIA:
    • Palmer Station, Antarctica on March 24-25, 1993
    • Tahiti on April 15-19, 1993
  • ARRIVED: Seattle, Washington on May 7, 1993

Radiosonde data from the Atmospheric Chemistry Group field projects are available in two main formats. The raw data are available as a compressed file (in either tar-gzip, or pkzip compression) that when decompressed contains one ASCII file per profile of the raw data from the sounding. Each data set also contains a index, or a read-me file that gives the starting positions and starting or nominal time/date of launch.

The netCDF format contains data that has been interpolated onto a standard, 125m vertical grid. The interpolation involved fitting all data points within a 250m interval to a second degree polynomial, and solving for the fitted value at the even 125m center altitude. The netCDF files are used by this web server to generated the contour plots 'on-the-fly'. The netCDF format is explained in great detail at the netCDF homepage.
Please Note: Starting with the NEAQS 2004 project the radiosonde data have been interpolated onto a standard 50 meter grid.

Each project contains raw data in one tar-gzip and one pkzip file (both contain identical data sets. Each project also includes one or more netCDF files. Each project has at a minimum one netCDF file with altitude and time axes. Some of the projects had sections that went predominately North-South; for these a netCDF file with altitude and latitude as the axes may be available.

Please note: In Netscape or Internet Explorer you may "shift" click or "right click" to download the file (link) to your local disk.
Radiosonde Data for RITS93 is not yet available

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