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  • DEPARTED: Honolulu, Hawaii on 15 March, 2001 
  • ARRIVED: Yokosuka, Japan on 20 April 2001
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The allocation of the variables in each file is shown in the table below. For all cruises the data are available in several formats and can be downloaded by clicking on the ACF IGOR CDF and/or ICT link in the download column.

The data are stored in a native ascii ACF format, defined by our group. The same data are also available as an IGOR text file (.itx). IGOR is a scientific graphing, data analysis package from Wavemetrics Inc. The plotting section of this site uses the ACF data converted into a binary netCDF file format. While not directly viewable the file may be downloaded by clicking on the "CDF" link. Projects starting in 2004 also have data available in the ICARTT data format. To download click on "ICT". The ICARTT files are ascii files that are based on the NASA AMES standard.

Some data files from recent cruises may be password protected. To obtain a password, please contact Jim Johnson or Timothy Bates.

Moving the cursor over an "Info Icon" and/or clicking provides additional information on the variables.

Filename Download Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter
ACEASIA_met ACF   IGOR   CDF   Ship Latitude Latitude Ship Ship Longitude Longitude Ship Speed over Ground from PMEL GPS GPS-Speed (kt) Ship Course over Ground from PMEL GPS GPS-Course Ship RM Young sensor AirTemp,C Ship RM Young Sensor RH,% Barometric Pressure PMEL sensor BaroP,mbar Insolation from Epply Radiometer Insolation,W/m2 Wind Speed relative to Ship from Qualimetrics Skyvane 2100 RelWindS,m/s Wind Dirn relative to Bow (-90/0/+90 for port/ahead/starboard) RelWindD True Wind Speed from Ship SCS, IMET sensor WindS,m/s Wind Direction from Ship SCS, IMET sensor WindD Eastward Wind from Ship SCS, IMET sensor WindU,m/s Northward Wind from Ship SCS, IMET sensor WindV,m/s Rainfall rate from optical sensor Rain,mm/hr
ACEASIA_atmchem_v11 ACF   IGOR   CDF   Ozone from Dasibi 1008 AH and TECO 49 Ozone (ppb) Atmospheric Radon Radon (mBq m-3) SO2 from TECO 43C SO2 (ppb) Ultrafine Condensation Nuclei Dp > 3 microns UFCN (cm-3) Condensation Nuclei Dp > 13 microns (TSI 3760) CN>13 (cm-3)
ACEASIA_co ACF   IGOR   CDF   CO in Air from PMEL GC System COair (ppb)
ACEASIA_dms_air_v11 ACF   IGOR   CDF   DMS in Air from PMEL DMS System DMSair (ppt)
ACEASIA_dms_sw ACF   IGOR   CDF   DMS in Seawater from PMEL DMS System DMSsw (nM)
ACEASIA_sw ACF   IGOR   CDF   Sea Surface Temperature from Thermosalinograph SST (C) Sea Surface Salinity from Thermosalinograph SAL (psu)
ACEASIA_PSAP ACF   IGOR   CDF   Aerosol light Absorbance AAbsorb (Mm-1) Submicron Aerosol light Absorbance SubAAbsorb(Mm-1)
ACEASIA_nph_v2 ACF   IGOR   CDF   Nephelometer Sample Pressure Neph Pres, mbar Nephelometer Sample Temp Neph Temp, C Nephelometer Sample RH Neph RH, % Aerosol Scattering Blue ScatBlue (Mm-1) Aerosol Scattering Green ScatGreen (Mm-1) Aerosol Scattering Red ScatRed (Mm-1) Aerosol Back Scattering Blue BkSctBlue (Mm-1) Aerosol Back Scattering Green BkSctGrn (Mm-1) Aerosol Back Scattering Red BkSctRed (Mm-1) Submicron Aerosol Scattering Blue SubmSctB (Mm-1) Submicron Aerosol Scattering Green SubmSctG (Mm-1) Submicron Aerosol Scattering Red SubmSctR (Mm-1) Submicron Aerosol Back Scattering Blue SubBkSctB(Mm-1) Submicron Aerosol Back Scattering Green SubBkScatG(Mm-1) Submicron Aerosol Back Scattering Red SubBkScatR(Mm-1)
ACEASIA_carbon ACF   IGOR   CDF   Submicron Aerosol Organic Carbon SubOC(ug/m3) Supermicron Aerosol Organic Carbon SupOC(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Black Carbon SubBC(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Black Carbon TotalBC(ug/m3) Supermicron Aerosol Black Carbon SupBC(ug/m3)
ACEASIA_AOD ACF   IGOR   CDF   Aerosol Optical Depth at 380nm AOD_380 Aerosol Optical Depth at 440nm AOD_440 Aerosol Optical Depth at 500nm AOD_500 Aerosol Optical Depth at 675nm AOD_675 Aerosol Optical Depth at 870nm AOD_870 Solar Zenith Angle during AOD measurement SolarZenithAng
ACEASIA_aero_cat ACF   IGOR   CDF   Submicron Aerosol Sodium SubNa(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol Sodium SupNa(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Sodium TotNa(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Ammonium SubNH4(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol Ammonium SupNH4(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Ammonium TotNH4(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Potassium SubK(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol Potassium SupK(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Potassium TotK(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Magnesium SubMg(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol Magnesium SupMg(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Magnesium TotMg(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Calcium SubCa(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol Calcium SupCa(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Calcium TotCa(ug/m3)
ACEASIA_aero_an ACF   IGOR   CDF   Submicron Aerosol Methane Sulfonic Acid SubMSA(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol Methane Sulfonic Acid SupMSA(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Methane Sulfonic Acid TotMSA(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Chloride SubCl(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol Chloride SupCl(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Chloride TotCl(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Nitrate SubNO3(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol Nitrate SupNO3(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Nitrate TotNO3(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Sulfate SubSO4(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol Sulfate SupSO4(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Sulfate TotSO4(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol non-seasalt Sulfate SubnnsSO4(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol non-seasalt Sulfate SupnnsSO4(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol non-seasalt Sulfate TotnnsSO4(ug/m3)
ACEASIA_aero_grav ACF   IGOR   CDF   Submicron Aerosol Mass SubMass(ug/m3) Supmicron Aerosol Mass SupMass(ug/m3)
ACEASIA_aero_elem ACF   IGOR   CDF   Submicron Aerosol Elemental Aluminum SubElAl(ug/m3) Supermicron Aerosol Elemental Aluminum SupElAl(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Elemental Aluminum TotElAl(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Elemental Silicon SubElSi(ug/m3) Supermicron Aerosol Elemental Silicon SupElSi(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Elemental Silicon TotElSi(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Elemental Calcium SubElCa(ug/m3) Supermicron Aerosol Elemental Calcium SupElCa(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Elemental Calcium TotElCa(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Elemental Titanium SubElTi(ug/m3) Supermicron Aerosol Elemental Titanium SupElTi(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Elemental Titanium TotElTi(ug/m3) Submicron Aerosol Elemental Iron SubElFe(ug/m3) Supermicron Aerosol Elemental Iron SupElFe(ug/m3) Sub10micron Aerosol Elemental Iron TotElFe(ug/m3)

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