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  • VESSEL: NOAA ship Surveyor
  • DEPARTED: Punta Arenas, Chile on March 20, 1993
  • VIA:
    • Palmer Station, Antarctica on March 24-25, 1993
    • Tahiti on April 15-19, 1993
  • ARRIVED: Seattle, Washington on May 7, 1993

7-stage Impactor Data


Patricia Quinn
NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA, USA, 98115
Telephone: (206) 526-6892
Facsimile: (206) 526-6744
E-Mail Address:

Data Set Description:

These data should not be used without first contacting
Trish Quinn (

Seven stage impactor data collected onboard the R/V SURVEYOR during RITS93, March-May 1993.

Berner-type multi-jet cascade impactor used for sample collection. Ion chromatography used for sample analysis. Details of the sampling and analysis methods can be found in Quinn et al., JGR, vol. 100, 6931, 1996. All diameters are reported in terms of 50% aerodynamic cutoff diameters (D50,aero). Sampling RH = 55 +/- 1.4%. Sampling temperature = 24 +/- 2.6degC.

Stage number-Stage diameter      D50,aero (um)       dlogD (um)
1     D1                             0.18              0.36
2     D2                             0.31              0.22
3     D3                             0.55              0.25
4     D4                             1.06              0.29
5     D5                             2.02              0.28
6     D6                             4.13              0.31
7     D7                             10.3              0.4

A value of -999 indicates below blank or below detection limit.	

The data files are available two formats: netCDF and an ascii, csv (comma separated value) format that should load directly into most spreedsheets. The csv file contains header lines that explain that data layout.

Some data files from recent cruises may be password protected. To obtain a password, please contact Jim Johnson or Timothy Bates.

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