NOAA Regional Aerosol Sampling Stations


  • BND, Bondville, IL ( 40.05N, 88.4W)
  • BRW, Barrow, AK (71.3N, 156.6W)
  • CHB, Chebogue Point, Canada (43.74N, 66.12W)
  • CPO, Cheeka Peak, WA ( 48.3N, 124.6W)
  • DEN, Denali National Park, AK (63.45N, 149.3W)
  • HOM, Homer, AK (59.7N, 151.5W)
  • KOS, Kosan, Cheju Island, South Korea (33.29N, 126.16E)
  • PFL, Poker Flat Rocket Range, AK (65.1N, 147.5W)
  • SGP, Southern Great Plains, Lamont, OK (36.6N, 97.5W )
  • THD, Trinidad Head, CA (41.05N, 124.15W)
  • WSA, Sable Island, Nova Scotia  (43.9N, 60.0W)


Filter samples of atmospheric aerosols have been or are being collected at these stations for chemical analysis of major inorganic ions and aerosol mass.  See Quinn et al. (2000) for a description of sampling and analysis methods. Sampling at many of the stations is done in cooperation with NOAA/ESRL/GMD.

Please acknowledge use of these data in publications or presentations with either co-authorship for the contact PI or an acknowledgment. If these data make a significant contribution to the publication or presentation, we strongly encourage the participation of the contact PI in the data analysis and an offer of co-authorship

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Data files: