Aerosol Chemistry Size Distributions for: NEAQS 2002

Aeosol Chemistry Size Dist. Information
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Chemistry Size Distribution Plot Setup

Note: By default, the time units for the size Distribution plots are in DOY (Day-Of-Year). We define DOY such that DOY 32.5 is noon, UTC on 1-February. The time units can be changed to Day-Month-Year by clicking on the button below. On the contour plots, by default, time increases going up. Time can be reversed (going from top to bottom) in the DOY mode, but not in the Day-Month-Year mode. To reverse the time axis in the DOY mode, enter the larger time limit in the "start" box.

Change Time Units to:
Time Limits (DOY) Size Limits

Start:  Small:  µm
Large:  µm
Use Rectangular Color Shade
Use Smooth Contours 
Chem Parameter
Organic Carbon
Elemental Carbon
Use Default Contour Levels
Use Custom Contour Levels (below)

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