Vocals data from the R/V Ronald H. Brown

Ship Position files
including Latitude, Longitude, COG (Course Over Ground), and SOG_knts (Speed Over Ground in Knots) and Gyro. Please note, Gyro is the direction the ship's bow was pointing, COG is the direction the ship was moving.  If the ship was underway and moving, Gyro and COG are generally close to the same, if the ship was stopped or moving very slow, Gyro and COG are unrelated.
Ship Nav and Wind data at 1 second.  The above ship position data with relative winds (in m/s and direction from bow, 0 deg = wind coming from bow, +90 deg = wind coming from starboard, -90 = wind coming from port) and with "true winds"

Aerosol Chemistry data (in ACF fromat) from Lynn Russell