Protected Aerosols99 - INDOEX Data

This page contains data from the Aerosols99-INDOEX project that the data owners would like to share with the Aerosols99-INDOEX community, but would not yet like to share with the wider research community.  The password and/or username that will be required to view this page and to download the data sets will be periodically changed.  Please contact Jim Johnson at NOAA-PMEL ( ) to be on the email distribution list to receive password updates.  These password changes will be implemented to ensure the integrity of  the data protection and to encourage the submission of data sets to this page.

Data may be submitted by anonymous ftp to:,
Please change to directory:     incoming
If you have more than one or two files please make a sub-directory.
Please email to inform him that you have placed data on this server.  The data files will be immediately removed from the ftp
site so that the outside world will not be able to download them.

Alternatively data files may be sent by email to the above address, or you may email the location of data files on your data server.

Each data set should contain the following:

Data Use

Data available here may not be used in any presentation or publication without the approval of the data owner.  Each data set is liable to change as data reduction proceeds, please keep in contact with the data owner to ensure that you have the most recent data set.  Please do not give this data out to anyone outside of the Aerosols99-INDOEX community.

Available Data

The following data are available.  Please note:  to download a data file to your local disk most browsers allow one to either 'shift' click or to 'right-click' on the data file name/link to bring up a 'save-to' window.  Data files ending in extension [.gz] or in [.tar.gz] have been compressed with gzip, use gunzip to decompress.  Datea files ending in extension [.zip] have been compressed with pkzip.
Parameter(s) Owner-PI-Contact Institution Read-me file Data File or Plots
Surface Ozone Jim Johnson NOAA-PMEL o3_30m_v1099.txt o3_30m_v1099.csv
Ozonesonde profile data Anne Thompson NASA-GSFC README_SONDS o3sonds_AeroIndo.tar.gz
Surface Ozone Jeff Stehr UMD ozone.txt leg1.o3.30min
Atmsopheric CO Jeff Stehr UMD co.txt
Ship Lidar, Aerosols99 Judd Welton
Ken Voss
University of Miami, 
readme-Aerosols-99.txt Aerosols99-bks-profiles.txt
Ship Lidar, INDOEX Judd Welton
Piotr Flatau
readme-INDOEX.txt INDOEX-bks-profiles.txt
Aerosol Number
Size Distribution
Tim Bates NOAA-PMEL DMPS_APS_dry.txt
(Data files are in both
.tar.gz  and in .zip format)
DMS, DMS flux Tim Bates NOAA-PMEL dms99.txt PMEL_99DMS.csv
Aerosol chemistry and mass fractions averaged over Leg 1 regions Trish Quinn NOAA-PMEL (File in PDF format) PMEL_chem_mass_fractions1.pdf