Date: 9903051200
Author: Jim Moore
Submitted at: 990305:12:9

      NCAR-C130: N/A
      Dutch Citation:N/A
      French Mystere: 0700 UTC (1200 local)      NCAR-C130: N/A
     Dutch Citation: N/A
     French Mystere: Jacques Pelon       OR/V Sagar Kanya located at 15N 70.8E at 0330 UTC (0730 local) 5 March. They will approach Indian coast and proceed NW within 100 miles of the coast.
      R/V Brown will complete intercomparison with KCO at 1130 UTC (1630 local) on 5 March. They will head north along the coast at 200+ miles off shore.      None after KCO Brown intercomparison is complete.