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Aerosols99 and INDOEX

TowerRonald H. BrownPrecip

Data and photos collected on the NOAA ship RONALD H. BROWN,
provided by the Climate Chemistry Group at PMEL

Recent and in-press publications (in pdf format)

Available Data and Workshops (note: the time scale is in DayOfYear, DOY, DOY 32.5 = noon on Feb. 1 GMT)


Ship Information

Cruise Photos

Daily Data
These are preliminary data plots, made each day on the ship, mainly to check the status of instruments and sensors. Most days also contain radiosonde plots. Most of these data will replaced with edited data sets soon.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
        Day014 Day015 Day016
Day017 Day018 Day019 Day020 Day021 Day022 Day023
Day024 Day025 Day026 Day027 Day028 Day029 Day030
Day031 Day032 Day033 Day034 Day035 Day036 Day037
Day038 Day039 Day040 Day041 Day042 Day043 Day044
Day045 Day046 Day047 Day048 Day049 Day050 Day051
Day052 Day053 Day054 Day055 Day056 Day057 Day058
Day059 Day060 Day061 Day062 Day063 Day064 Day065
Day066 Day067 Day068 Day069 Day070 Day071 Day072
Day073 Day074 Day075 Day076 Day077 Day078 Day079
Day080 Day081 Day082 Day083 Day084 Day085 Day086
Day087 Day088 Day089

INDOEX field operations reports

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Last updated 19-October-2000