RHB-KCO number size distribution intercomparison

RHB-KCO intercomparison of number size distributions.
The RHB occupied two “stations” east (DOY 64.125-65.56) and 
southeast (DOY 63.58-64.1) of KCO during the 
intercomparison (see figure). The KCO data were taken by 
Will Cantrel using a TSI SMPS. The number size 
distributions for three periods and the standard deviation 
of the distribution during each period are shown in the 
second figure. The RHB data were obtained using 2 Hauke 
DMPS instruments operated at approximately 10% RH (dry). A 
comparison of the distributions obtained on the two 
platforms is shown in the third figure. 
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Chart RHB-KCO Intercomparison

Chart KCO

Chart RHB - KCO intercomparison

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