RB-99-02: INDOEX Cruise Leg 2

Plan of the Day: 8 March, 1999

0000 – Filter change

0345 – Radiosonde launch (for 0000Z).

0600 – Filter change (tower and vans)

0900 – Ozonesonde launch

1030 – Optical cast/CTD station ops

(SeaWifs satellite pass - 1149L; AVHRR – 1416L)

    1. Free Falling Profiler (hand-deployed)
    2. Optical cast to 300m
    3. Plankton net (hand-deployed)
    4. CTD w/ bottle samples at 0m, 10m, 30m, 100m, 150m, 300m.
1200 – Tower ops / filter change

1545 – Radiosonde launch (for 1200Z)

1800 – Tower ops / filter change

1830 – Ozonesonde launch

2000 – Science Talk: CDR Raghu Ragunathan on Indian R/V SAGAR KANYA

2145 – Radiosonde launch (for 1800Z)


  1. Bridge watches: Notify Bremen Group (day or night) if high winds and heavy rainfall is anticipated, or occurs, at the ship: Lars Reichart or Jorn Burkert (AOML Van or S/R 2-31-2)

  2. Also notify Michael Norman or Lennart Granat it prolonged rainfall is expected.

  3. INDOEX web page access on ship:
  4. Access to tower and bow area forward of 0-2 vans remains restricted… inform AL van if access is required. Please keep traffic on 0-2 van deck to a minimum.
  5. R/V SAGAR KANYA will rendezvous with RONALD H BROWN tomorrow afternoon for
20 hours of coordinated side-by-side observations with ~1 kilometer separation.