RB-99-01: AEROSOLS Cruise Leg 2

Plan of the Day: 15 February, 1999


0000 Filter change

0045 Radiosonde launch.

0600 Filter change (tower and vans)

1100 Optical cast/CTD station ops

(SeaWifs satellite pass 1120L, AVHRR 1440L)

    1. Optical cast to 300m
    2. CTD w/ bottle samples at 0m, 10m, 30m, 100m, 150m, 300m.

1230 Filter change

1245 Radiosonde launch

Alternate Station

1800 Filter change/ ROx Cal

2000 Science Talk Tom Carsey




  1. All personnel accessing the tower should log in w/ AL Van (ext. 161) and check with Bridge (ext. 125)
  2. Access to forward part of 0-2 van deck (except for transit to/from vans) and the bow area is restricted during scientific sampling ops check with AL van (ext. 161)
  3. Science talks will be in the library every other night at 2000 schedule posted in library