RB-99-01: AEROSOLS Cruise Leg 1

Plan of the Day: 3 February, 1999


0600 – Filter change (tower and vans)

1100 – Radiosonde launch.

1130 – Ozonesonde launch

(wind broad on the port bow, wind speed permitting)

1145 – CTD/Optical cast station ops

clouds permitting (may be delayed)

(SeaWifs satellite pass 1154L)

    1. CTD w/ bottle samples at 0m, 10m, 30m, 50m, 200m, 300m
    2. RADS drifter, cloud cover permitting (deploy/recover)
    3. Optical cast to 300m

1230 – Quick filter change and instrument maintenance on tower

1800 – Filter change (tower and vans)

2000 – Science talk in ship’s library

(Aerosols – Johnson, Coffman, Miller)

2300 – Radiosonde launch

2400 – Quick filter change


  1. All personnel accessing the tower should log in w/ AL Van (ext. 161) and check with Bridge (ext. 125)
  2. Access to forward part of 0-2 van deck (except for transit to/from vans) and the bow area is restricted during scientific sampling ops – check with AL van (ext. 161)
  3. Science talks will be in the library every other night at 2000 – schedule posted in library