Data from DAY 026,    26-Jan-99

POD,  The Plan of the Day
Satellite Passes
Plots from the PMEL data system
met plot, ocean/ship plot, aerosol/ozone plot
Lidar plot
ozonesonde plot

Temp, Dew, RH Winds
00Z 00Z
12Z 12Z


Satellite Pictures: (lat, longt lines are 2 deg apart, X marks postion of ship)

Bad news of the day---
We received the following email from Gene Feldman at NASA-GSFC, It appears that
SEAWIFS has been overworked and is taking some time off
Date:             01/25/99
Sender:    (Gene Feldman)
cc:             Jim Johnson,
Priority:             Normal
Subject:             SeaWiFS in safe-haven
             good morning,
             the folks at orbimage reported that seawifs went into
             safe-haven on 1/24 at 18:12 UTC. during the realtime
             pass this morning, an assessment will be made as to
             the nature of the problem and plans will be
             developed for as rapid a resumption of routine imaging
             operations as possible.  i will keep you posted.