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Icealot data from the R/V Knorr

Web page started 2-May-2008

Underway 1 minute SSSG data from the ships SSSGs. One 'zip' file containing one file per day of position and met data at 1 minute resolution.

Position files including Latitude, Longitude, COG (Course Over Ground), and SOG_knts (Speed Over Ground in Knots). Please note, COG is the direction the ship was moving, not necessarily the direction the bow was pointing. 21-May-2008: The version one files have been replaced with version two. The only change has been that the COG has been corrected whenever the interpolating routine passed from 359 to 0 degrees. Only the COG has changed, the Latitude and Longitude remain the same as in version one.

1-Second Navagation and Wind Data - Position, COG, SOG, Gyro, Relative Wind, True Wind (version 1, 3-June-2008).

Photoacoustic measurements of aerosol light absorbtion (Version 1) from Chris Cappa., 3 data files in "igor" time, the same 3 files with ISO DateTimes (the DT files), and a readme file are here as one zip file.

Aerosol Chemistry data (in ACF fromat) from Lynn Russell

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