Australian National Report - contacts Jorgen Jensen, Jorg Hacker, Steve Siems and John Gras.

Several activities are planned by Australian participants in ACE-Asia:
  1. Aerosol processing by fronts and marine stratocumulus. Siems (Monash University), Jensen (CSIRO), Gras (CSIRO) and Hacker (ARA/Flinders University) are planning to examine the aerosol processing using a combination of models (including a meso-scale chemical transport model) in order to determine growth rates, sources and sinks of aerosol particles as these are processed through clouds. One objective is to determine the effects of many aerosol particles on the precipitation formation on giant nuclei over the ocean.

  3. Atmospheric DMS measurements. Hilton Swan (AGAL) has institutional backing to do atmospheric DMS measurements.

  5. Land-based and ship-based radon measurements. Wlodek Zharovsky (ANSTO) is planning to have both land-based and ship-borne radon sensor operating during ACE-Asia for air-mass studies and validation of global circulation.

  7. Aerosol speciation using PIXE analysis. David Cohen (ANSTO) is planning to sample aerosols using the ANSTO samplers (similar to IMPROVE samplers) and to do the analysis using ion-beam technique.

  9. Long-distance transport modeling. Howard Bridgman (University of Newcastle) is interested in studying long-range transport using trajectory models which include chemical speciation.

Further information about Australian aircraft plans can be found on the ACE-Asia website under Platform Information.