ACE Asia Chemistry Intercomparisons

Listed below is information about trace element, carbon, and inorganic ion intercomparsions to be conducted before the ACE Asia 2001 intensive. Tentative participant lists for each intercomparison are given. If you would like to participate in one or more of the intercomparisons, please contact the appropriate coordinators and supply them with your contact information (email and shipping address). Even if you are listed below, it is important that you provide contact information so that the coordinators can get in touch with you and send the calibration materials to you.

Trace Elements

Coordinator: Dr. Thomas A. Cahill

Standard(s): NIST Standard Reference Materials

Tom Cahill
Jim Anderson
Trish Quinn
Mikir Kasahara
Rich Arimoto


Coordinators: Yin-Nan Lee and Barb Turpin
E-Mail: and turpin@AESOP.RUTGERS.EDU

Standard(s): Punches from sampled Hi-Vol filters

Trish Quinn
Barry Huebert
Barb Turpin
Tom Cahill
Jamie Schauer
Jian Yu
Mikir Kasahara

Details: Yin-Nan Lee will collect samples on Hi-Vol filters at Brookhaven. Barb Turpin will test several punches from the filters to see how uniformly deposited the aerosol is on the filter.

Inorganic Ions

Coordinators: Trish Quinn and Theresa Miller
E-Mail: and

Standard(s): NIST Standard Solution, Spiked filters


Choi, Jae-Cheon
Hu, Min
Huebert, Barry J.
Ishizaka, Yutaka,
Kim, Young J.
Kim, Seong-Kyoun
Kim, Ji-Young
Kim, San
Lee, Gangwoong
Quinn, Patricia
Takeuchi, Nobuo
ten Brink, Harry
van Oppenraaij, Johan
Zhuang, Liangzhong
Cahill, Tom
Uematsu, Mitsuo
Weber, Rodney
Schauer, Jamie