Days 187.0 to 192.0, 06-July to 11-July

Significant events at the ship during this period.
Meteorological Summary: The ship traveled south, from 37 N to 29 N during this period. There was no organized frontal passage during this period. Winds from 0 to 2000m were primarily from the east to northeast during days 187 and 188, from the north on day 189, and again from the east to northeast on days 190 - 192. Both the AVHRR and the ship's total solar radiation sensor showed that day 190 (9 July) was the cloudiest day during this period. Boundary layer heights were low, below 200m on days 187 and 188, and then were at 500 to 1000m up to day 192. Back trajectories were from the north and northeast, but there were not consistently passing over Europe.

Met data available for Period 4