From Wed Jul 17 10:42:07 1996
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 1996 01:45:27 -1000 (HST)
From: Tony Clarke 
Subject: Summary of Radiative closure working group report

ACE-1 Data Workshop---June 1996

We identified the elements of C-130 column closure objectives and the 
links between fundamental aerosol properties, column aerosol 
characterization, modeled in-situ optical properties and remotely sensed 
radiative properties and effects.  Experiments were carried out in 
the sulfate volcanic haze near hawaii and in the "clean" air near Tasmania. 
Because many of the C-130 investigators were not present for these 
discussions and because the ground based measurement group was not 
ready to identify specific papers we have only outlined eith the 
PI's expected to be involved in the studies or likely to be involved 
in preparation of papers.

It was recognized that some of the fundamental ground based measurements 
of aerosol properties would be needed as inputs for linking the aerosol 
properties measured on the C-130 to their optical effects.  It was agreed 
that key input data needed for interpreting and modeling C-130 data would 
be given early attention.  Some of these inputs were identified as 
follows and expected time to be in the data set.:

Growth vs. RH for sulfate and sea-salt [Sweitliki, Disco] - < than 1 month.
				       [Covert, C. Grim] - < than 3 month.

Nephelometer vs. high and low RH [Rood, C. Grim] - about 1 month
Tot/Back scatter and 1 & 10 um resolution
Nephelometer humidograms 			 - about 3 month

Parameterization of relative submicrometer sulfate/salt mixture 
contributions to scattering extinction [Covert, Rood, Quinn ??] -early 1997

Refractive Index and Density [Quinn, Howell, Baumgardner ??]-before Dec. 1996

Organic aerosol estimate, Impactor Chemistry, Hand Photometer [Quinn]- Dec.??

Sun Sky Photometer - Disco [Porter]			    - Dec. 1996?

With the above data in hand the modeling of aerosol optical properties 
and related column closure can be evaluated using various C-130 data 
listed here.

C-130 Nephelometer Total/ Back scatter at Low RH [Clarke] - Oct. 1996
      Corrected to ambient RH at Altitude		  - early 1997
C-130 OPC recalibrated low RH data		 [Clarke] - Dec. 1996
      OPC corrected for in-situ conditions		  - early 1997 
C-130 Ionic Mass data				[Huebert] - ??
C-130 TDDR Optical depth			[Valero]  - Oct. 1996
C-130 Lidar data				[Morley]  - Sept. 1996
C-130 In-situ Sizes, MASP, Forward/Back Scatter[Baumgardener] - Aug. 1996
C-130 Downward Spectrometer			[Porter]  - Dec. 1996

Other Platforms - Satellite  [Durkee, Porter]		  

Some Suggested Potential Column Closure Papers w/ possible and nominal PI's 
indicated: [Local closure papers covered elsewhere]

Column Closure Overview - [Clarke et al.]
C-130 Dry OPC/Nephelometer Closure and related in-situ optical 
		properties,  [Clarke et al.]				 
Measured and Modeled Differential and Column optical Depths [Valero, Clarke]
Lidar Backscatter and Aerosol Properties [Morely, Baumgardner, Clarke, 
Interhemispheric Satellite Optical Depth Assessments Over the Pacific 
						[Durkee et al.]
Satellite Model Validation and Column Closure [Porter, Durkee ?]
Refractive Index: Measurements and Model Results [Baumgardner, Clarke, 
Huebert, ?]

Platform Intercomparisons [??]