ACE-1 Data WorkshopSummary

Seattle, Washington

24-27 June 1996

Seventy five participants from 8 countries took part in the first ACE-1 data workshop. The main goals of this workshop were to exchange data, to begin the process of integrating data sets and data analysis, and to plan an AGU special session and manuscript schedule. The workshop began with an overview of the data collected on each platform. The various research groups then presented their initial data sets in a three day poster session. Eight computer terminals were networked to the ACE-1 data base to demonstrate the capabilities of the UCAR-CODIAC system and to allow researchers to work with the 81 data sets that have been submitted to date. Most of the week was spent in small working groups where research teams were organized to directly address the ACE-1 scientific questions.

The working groups and their conveners included:

  1. Aerosol characterization
    Ground based (Quinn)
    Cape Grim (Sievering)
    Aircraft (Clarke)
  2. Atmospheric dynamics (Lenschow)
  3. Aerosol nucleation and growth (McMurry)
  4. Atmospheric photochemistry (Davis)
  5. Seawater species and processes (Griffiths)
  6. Air mass characterization (Whittlestone)
  7. Lagrangian experiments (Huebert)
  8. Radiative Column closure (Clarke)
  9. C-130 (Huebert)
  10. Defining baseline conditions (Whittlestone)

Reports from these working groups are being sent to the ACE-1 E-mail list and will be included in the ACE-1 homepage (

On the final day of the workshop the following topics were discussed:

  1. Abstract deadline is September 11. We are anticipating approximately 30-40 ACE-1 presentations.
  2. ACE-1 meeting will be held on the Saturday before AGU (December 14) to review the status of data reduction and analysis. The afternoon will be devoted to small working groups.
  3. The second ACE-1 data workshop will be held in Hilo Hawaii. We are currently considering the week of March 3. If anyone knows of any conflicts with this week, please notify a member of the ACE-1 Scientific Steering Committee as soon as possible.
  4. An April 1997 deadline was set for manuscript submission to an ACE-1 JGR special issue. Abstracts from ACE-1 publications and reports will be included on the ACE-1 homepage.
  5. . An ACE-1 special session will be held at the IAMAS meeting in Melbourne, Australia during the period of 1-9 July 1997.
  6. Measurement intercomparisons. The UCAR-OFPS will make a list of times when the various ACE-1 platforms were in the vicinity of one another. This list will be put on the ACE-1 home page and in the ACE-1 data base. Researchers are encouraged to intercompare their measurements with those on the other platforms. The platform coordinators will be responsible for compiling the intercomparisons.
ACE-1 Scientific Steering Committee