ACE-1 Data Workshop

NOAA-PMEL, Seattle, Washington

June 24-27, 1996

Poster information

A major part of the ACE-1 data workshop will be a 3 day poster session (Monday afternoon to Thursday afternoon). We hope each PI will come prepared to display their data as a poster. Based on the responses we have received, our tentative poster list is as follows.

J. Anderson
A. Bandy
T. Bates, The flux of DMS and Ammonia in the ACE-1 region &
Overview of measurements aboard Discoverer
D. Baumgardner
C. Benkowitz
D. Blake/N. Blake/C.H. Kang/O. Wingenter
J. Bradshaw (Scott Sandholm)
S. Businger
F. Campolongo
The parametric sensitivity of the DMS flux in the Southern Ocean
A. Clarke,
Cloud sources of nuclei, Lagrangian cloud processing, radiative closure (double board)
D. Covert
Aerosol Number and Meteorological Events at Cape Grim Station (with C. Dick), Hygroscopic Growth Distribution of Aitken and Accumulation Mode Particles (double board)
D. Davis/G. Chen
P. Durkee/K. Nielson
F. Eisele (Lee Mauldin)
J. Gras
B. Griffiths
Highlights of the Souther Surveyor Cruise (double board)
J. Hudson
B. Huebert/S. Howell
Variability of NSS and MSA at Cape Grim, Changes in sulfur aerosols with time and altitude (double board)
J. Ivey
J. Johnson,
V. Kapustin
S. Kreidenweis/F. Brechtel, (double board)
D. Lenschow
P. McMurry/R. Weber
D. Murphy/A. Middlebrook (double board)
A. Prevot/R. Schillawski/G. Kok
Measurements of Ozone, CO, CO2, and Hydrogen Peroxide in ACE-1 (double board)
R. Prinn/A.Pszenny/G. Kleiman
P. Quinn
M. Rood/K. Carrico
L. Russell/J. Seinfeld
E. Saltzman/W. Debruyn
S. Siems
H. Sievering
K. Suhre/C. Mari
Y. Suzuki/Masahito Taki
E. Swietlicki/O. Berg
Q. Wang
S. Whittlestone
PY. Whung
A. Wiedensohler/D. Orsini (double board)

We are reserving a 122 cm by 122 cm space for each poster (one half of a easel). Please let us know if your research "highlights" need a double space. Although our space and funding are limited, we will try to accommodate your space needs. We would also appreciate a tentative title for your poster.