Reports from the Working Groups

ACE-1 Data Workshop Summary, Hilo, Hawaii, 3-7 March 1997

The working groups and their conveners included:

  1. Nucleation working group (McMurry & Clarke)
  2. Lagrangian dynamics (Lenschow)
  3. Local mass closure (Quinn)
  4. Local scattering closure (Rood)
  5. Local hygroscopic closure (Swietlicki)
  6. Local CCN closure (Hudson & Gras)
  7. Radiative Column closure (Clarke)
  8. NMHC (Blake)
  9. MacQuarie Island measurements (Kreidenweis)
  10. Lagrangian chemical analysis (Huebert)
  11. Intercomparison exercises (Huebert, Howell)
  12. Photochemical oxidation mechanisms (Sievering, Saltzman)