ACE-1 Data Workshop Summary

Hilo, Hawaii

3-7 March 1997

Forty five participants from 4 countries took part in the second ACE-1 data workshop. The main goal of this workshop was to promote the integration of data from multiple research groups. Following the successful format at the first ACE-1 data meeting, PIs presented their data in poster format. Each half day session consisted of one or two brief plenary sessions followed by small group meetings. At the end of the week the group leaders summarized the small group discussions

The working groups and their conveners included:

  1. Nucleation working group (McMurry & Clarke)
  2. Lagrangian dynamics (Lenschow)
  3. Local mass closure (Quinn)
  4. Local scattering closure (Rood)
  5. Local hygroscopic closure (Swietlicki)
  6. Local CCN closure (Hudson & Gras)
  7. Radiative Column closure (Clarke)
  8. NMHC (Blake)
  9. MacQuarie Island measurements (Kreidenweis)
  10. Lagrangian chemical analysis (Huebert)
  11. Intercomparison exercises (Huebert, Howell)
  12. Photochemical oxidation mechanisms (Sievering, Saltzman)

General ACE-1 issues:

ACE-1 Data Archive

Steve Williams reviewed the ACE-1 data archive. Most data sets have now been submitted. Missing data sets were discussed.

ACE-1 JGR special issue

The ACE-1 JGR special issue deadline was moved to June 1. When submitting manuscripts please:

  1. Include in the acknowledgments the following:
    This research is a contribution to the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Core project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) and is part of the IGAC Aerosol Characterization Experiments (ACE).

  2. In your cover letter to JGR, state that your manuscript is intended for the ACE-1 Special Section. Also include the names of 5-6 potential A HREFerees. This list should include a designation as to whether the suggested reviewer is (in any way) involved with ACE-1. Also, institutional conflicts of interest must be avoided when recommending A HREFerees. JGR's goal is for AT LEAST 1 of the 2 A HREFerees on special section manuscripts to be outside the special section authorship and/or science team.

  3. Send a copy of your cover letter and manuscript to Tim Bates and Barry Huebert.

  4. Manuscripts submitted by the 1 June 1997 deadline, that are deemed acceptable by the outside reviewers and editor, and that meet the JGR deadlines for resubmission will be included in the ACE-1 special section of JGR Atmospheres. Manuscripts that are submitted after that date and are fortunate enough to make it through the review process quickly, will also be included.

  5. While JGR editors encourage the writing of concise manuscripts, papers should not be artificially separated to avoid excess page charges or to provide an opportunity for a large number of publications (by same first author or shared first-authorship). In the case where papers may incur excess page charges but have been judged to be of appropriate length (following revision or "as is"), the authors may submit a written request that excess page charges be waived. Please keep in mind that all manuscripts must be judged to "stand alone". It is of course expected that authors of special section manuscripts will rely on and A HREFer to other papers in the special section. However, the submission of data papers without a significant interpretative focus is discouraged.

Future Meetings

An ACE-1 special session will be held at the IAMAS meeting in Melbourne, Australia during the period of 1-9 July 1997.