Submitted abstracts for the ACE-1 session to be held at the AGU fall meeting in San Francisco, December 15-19, 1996.

Presented alphabetically by first author. Please report all discrepancies, irregularities or omissions to Jim Johnson at:

J. R. Anderson and P. R. Buseck Individual Particles Types and Size Distributions from Lagrangian Experiment "B" of the Southern Hemisphere Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-1)

T S Bates, B J Huebert and J L Gras Aerosols in the Remote Marine Atmosphere, the First IGAC-Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-1)

A Bandy and DC Thornton, Sulfur dioxide and dimethylsulfide measurements in ACE-1

D. Baumgardner Coupling of the Microphysical and Optical Properties of Aerosols over the Remote Southern Hemisphere Ocean

Nicola J. Blake, Oliver W. Wingenter, Donald. R. Blake, and F. Sherwood Rowland Aircraft Measurements of the Latitudinal and Seasonal Variations of Nonmethane Hydrocarbons and Selected Halocarbons During ACE-1

F. J. Brechtel, S. M. Kreidenweis, A. Wiedensohler, F. Stratmann, R. Wernicke,D. S. Covert, D. Coffman, and V. N. Kapustin Observations of the Aerosol Number Size Distribution and Total Aerosol Number Concentration at Surface-Based Sites during ACE-1

A. Bucholtz, and F. P. J. Valero Measured Spectral Optical Depths and Derived Column Aerosol Size Distributions Obtained From the NCAR C-130 During ACE-1

J Cainey, G Ayers, and M Hoope Size Distributed Aerosol Chemistry at Cape Grim during ACE-1

T P Carsey, and M L Farmer Nitrogen Oxides in the Pacific MBL During ACE-1

AD Clarke, J Li, and M Litchy, Particle production and processing by clouds in the clean marine boundary layer

DJ Coffman, PK Quinn, and DS Covert Modeling of Aerosol Chemical and Optical Properties Based on Marine Boundary Layer Measurements During ACE 1

DS Covert, JL Gras and A Wiedensohler, A Comparison of Directly Measured CCN with CCN Modeled from the Number-Size Distribution in the MBL during ACE-1

Mark A.J.Curran, Graham B.Jones, F. Brian Griffiths, John Parslow and Lesley Clementson Biological Production and Sea-Air Exchange of DMS in the Southern Ocean during the ACE-1 Experiment

DD Davis, G Chen, B Burgess, A Bandy, D Thornton, FL Eisele, DJ Tanner and A Jefferson, Comparison of model evaluated and measured profiles for sulfur species as observed during ACE-1

W J De Bruyn, E S Saltzman, and T Bates Sulfur Dioxide Chemistry in the Pacific and Southern Oceans

P. A. Durkee, K. N. Nielsen, C. Skupniewicz, V. Kapustin, T. S. Bates, P. K. Quinn Satellite Observations of Aerosol Characteristics During ACE-1

J Heath, B J Huebert, S Howell, L Zhuang, and J Kreidler Diurnal Variations of NSS and MSA Aerosol at Cape Grim During ACE-1

B J Huebert, S Howell, L Zhuang, M Litchy, D Wylie, and J. Kreidler Lagrangian Observations of Sulfur Aerosol Dynamics Near Tasmania During ACE-1

J.E. Johnson T.S. Bates, B. Johnson and S. Oltmans Ozonesonde Profiles During the ACE -1 Experiment

Gary Kleiman, Ronald G. Prinn, Alexander A. Pszenny, Ashwini G.Deshpande, Xianqian Shi Oceanic and atmospheric hydrocarbon measurements and sea-air fluxes during ACE-1

V N Kapustin, T S Bates, D S Covert, D J Coffman and P K Quinn Processes Controlling the Physical Properties of Marine Boundary Layer Aerosol Particles during ACE-1

Gregory L. Kok, Andre S. H. Prevot, Richard D. Schillawski Carbon Dioxide Measurements as an Airmass Tracer in ACE-1

S. M. Kreidenweis and F. J. Brechtel Observations of the Aerosol Size Distribution and Condensation Nucleus Concentration at Macquarie Island, Tasmania, during ACE-1

Krista Laursen, Darrel Baumgardner, and Bruce Morley Aerosol Optical Properties in the Boundary Layer over the Remote Southern Ocean

X Li, AD Clarke, B Huebert, JN Porter, F Valero and A Bucholtz, A preliminary investigation of local and column radiative closure durng ACE-1

Z Li, AD Clarke, and M Litchy, Cloud processing of condensation nuclei and aerosol evolution in the marine boundary layer

C.Mari, K.Suhre, T.Bates, J.Johnson, R.Rosset Mesoscale modeling of DMS emission and transport processes during ACE-1

A M Middlebrook, D M Murphy, and D S Thomson Observations of Organic Material in Individual Marine Particles at Cape Grim, Tasmania During ACE-1

DM Murphy, DS Thomson, and AM Middlebrook, Observations of submicron salt particles at Cape Grim during ACE-1

JN Porter, AD Clarke, X Li, F. Valero, and A Bucholtz, Aerosol optical depth and albedo effects: calculations and closure measurements during ACE-1

ASH Prevot, Hydroperoxide concentrations between 70N and 60S over the Pacific

Ronald G. Prinn, Gary Kleiman, Alexander A. Pszenny, Ashwini G. Deshpande, Xianqian Shi Significant influences of atmospheric transport and oceanic emissionson hydrocarbons observed during ACE-1

PK Quinn, DJ Coffman, MJ Hamilton, VN Kapustin, TS Bates, and DS Covert Chemical and Optical Properties of Marine Boundary Layer Aerosol Particles During ACE 1

Mark J. Rood, Christian M. Carrico, Rajendra Shrestha, Mathew J. Skific and John A. Ogren Aerosol Light Scattering Measurements at Cape Grim Tasmania during ACE-1

Lynn Russell, Don Lenschow, and Krista Laursen Aerosol Transport to the Boundary Layer in a Post- Frontal Air Mass

R. D. Schillawski, A. S. H Prevot, and G. L. Kok Aircraft Ozone and Carbon Monoxide Measurements During ACE-1

DE Schulman, AD Clarke, M Litchy, and J Li, Submicrometer aerosol: laboratory and coastal measurements from breaking waves

H. Sievering, B. Lerner, J. Slavich and J Cainey Heterogeneous Sulfur Conversion and the Size Distribution of nssSO4 in the MBL during ACE-1: The Role of O3-Oxidation in Sea-Salt Aerosol Water

Barkley C. Sive, Oliver W. Wingenter, Donald. R. Blake, Nicola J. Blake, and F. Sherwood Rowland Nonmethane Hydrocarbon and Selected Halocarbon Measurements During the ACE-1 Lagrangian Experiments

K. Suhre, C. Mari, T. Bates, J. Johnson, R. Rosset Vertical turbulent mixing of O3, DMS and other reactive species during ACE-1 Lagrangian B: a moving column model approach

Y Suzuki, M Taki and T S Bates POS, POC and PON in the Southern Ocean during the First Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-1)

Qing Wang Evolution of the Marine Boundary Layer During Lagrangian Measurements of ACE-1

Rodney J. Weber, P. H. McMurry, F. L. Eisele, D. J. Tanner and L. Mauldin Measurements of Ultrafine Particle Formation and Growth Downwind of Macquarie Island During ACE-1

PY Whung, CJ Fischer, and ES Saltzman, Real-time gaseous ammonia measurements during the ACE-1 experiment at Cape Grim, Tasmania

Y. Xie, S.S. Yum, and J.G. Hudson CCN Spectra in ACE-1

S.S. Yum, Y. Xie, and J.G. Hudson Relationship between Cloud Microphysics and CCN in ACE-1