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Final Science and Implementation Plan

August 1995


The Southern Hemisphere Marine Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-1) is the first of a series of experiments that will quantify the chemical and physical processes controlling the evolution and properties of the atmospheric aerosol relevant to radiative forcing and climate. The objectives of this series of process studies are to provide the necessary data to incorporate aerosols into global climate models and to reduce the overall uncertainty in the calculation of climate forcing by aerosols. The goal of ACE-1 is to document the chemical, physical, and radiative properties and determine the controlling processes of the aerosol in the remote marine atmosphere. ACE-2 will extend these characterization and process studies to the North Atlantic Ocean with an emphasis on the anthropogenic perturbation of the background aerosol.

ACE-1 will be conducted from 15 November to 14 December 1995 over the South-west Pacific Ocean, South of Australia and will involve the joint efforts of the Inter-national Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project's (IGAC) Aerosol Characterization and Process Studies (ACAPS) Activity and Marine Aerosol and Gas Exchange (MAGE) Activity. This science and implementation plan is a summary of the first four ACE-1 planning meetings held at the Antarctic CRC, Hobart, Tasmania (2-4 February 1993), at NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, Washington (14-16 September 1993), at the Antarctic CRC (7-8 February 1994) and in Hilo, Hawaii (13-17 February 1995). Further details and updates of the experiment can be found on

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Southern Hemisphere Marine Aerosol Characterization Experiment


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