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ACE-1 Southern Hemisphere Aerosol Characterization Experiment

ACE-1 (1995)
The Southern Hemisphere Marine Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-1) was the first of a series of IGAC experiments designed to quantify the chemical, physical, and meteorological processes controlling the evolution and properties of the atmospheric aerosol relevant to radiative forcing and climate. The PMEL-JISAO Atmospheric Chemistry Group conducted gas and aerosol measurements aboard the NOAA ship Discoverer from Seattle (11 October 1995) to Hobart (10 November 1995) and during the ACE-1 intensive south and west of Tasmania (15 November - 14 December, 1995).

Intensive cruise track on SST figure    Intensive cruise track on SST figure

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Radiative Effects of Aerosols in the Remote Marine AtmosphereAerosol Characterization Experiment

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