The ".gif" images show back trajectories calculated with the HYSPLIT model. Shown are back trajectories arriving at the ship location at altitudes of 30m (black), 300m (red) and 1000m (green). The numbers on the trajectory lines on the map indicate positions at that number of days (24 hour periods) back. The elevation in mb of the trajectories as a function of time is shown in the bottom panel. The trajectories were calculated with the GDAS wind fields. The GDAS wind field has data at 1 degree latitude-longitude (360 by 181) grids.

The file names are in the format *_MM_DD_HH.gif

To view the files in sequence click on the first file you want to see, then step through the files in time by clicking on the filename with the "<" or ">" .

A link at the bottom of this page allows one to download a zip file of the entire sequence.

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