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NOAA’s Administrator’s and Technology Transfer Awards 

It is my pleasure to announce the 2008 recipients of NOAA’s Administrator’s and Technology Transfer Awards. The awards will be presented at a ceremony on October 22nd in Silver Spring, Maryland. Congratulations to each winner for outstanding service.
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Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr.
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator

NOAA Administrator's Award Recipients 

NOAA Administrator Award. Photo Credit: NOAA.
NOAA Administrator Award.
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(Credit: NOAA)

Office of the Under Secretary

Madelyn Appelbaum, Jay Lawrimore (NESDIS)
For leadership in effectively, creatively and, in record time, depicting the accomplishments of NOAA and the U.S. Group on Earth Observations for a global summit of 73 governments.

Office of the Deputy Under Secretary

Randall Dole (OAR), A. R. Ravishankara (OAR), Hiram "Chip" Levy (OAR), Thomas Karl (NESDIS), Krisa Arzayus (OAR), Lisa Vaughan (OAR), Nancy Beller-Simms (OAR)
For outstanding leadership in and dedication to developing U.S. CCSP Synthesis & Assessment Products integrating climate research for decision support.

Arun Kumar (NWS), Martin Hoerling (OAR), Chad McNutt (USEC), Pedro Restrepo (NWS), Graham Feingold (OAR), Patricia Quinn (OAR), David Fahey (OAR), John Daniel (OAR), Stephen Montzka (OAR), V. Ramaswamy (OAR), Brian D. Keller (NOS), Isaac M. Held (OAR), Alice Gilliland (OAR), M. Daniel Schwarzkopf (OAR), Larry W. Horowitz (OAR), Stephen K. Gill (NOS), Christopher D. Miller (OAR), David H. Levinson (NESDIS), David M. Anderson (NESDIS), David R. Easterling (NESDIS), Eileen Shea (NESDIS), Glenn Tallia (OGC)
For outstanding dedication to developing U.S. CCSP Synthesis & Assessment Products integrating climate research for decision support.

Harold E. Brooks (OAR), Roger Pulwarty (OAR), Ronald J. Stouffer (OAR), Thomas C. Peterson, (NESDIS), Thomas L. Delworth (OAR), Robert S. Webb (OAR), Douglas Marcy (NOS), Robb Wright (NOS), Neil Christerson (OAR), Adrienne Sutton (USEC), Thomas Knutson (OAR), Kent Laborde (USEC)
For outstanding leadership in and dedication to developing U.S. CCSP Synthesis & Assessment Products integrating climate research for decision support.

National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service

Axel Graumann
For chairing the EEO/Diversity Committee for NCDC and for developing programs that help employees understand diversity and allow NOAA to attract and maintain a diverse workforce.

Jennifer Heyob (WFMO)
For providing outstanding and quality service to the NOAA Line and Corporate Offices in implementing performance management and awards policy.

Menghua Wang
For scientific excellence and innovation in developing improved coastal ocean color products and their transition from research into applications.

National Marine Fisheries Service

Craig Johnson
For expeditiously implementing Endangered Species Act interagency consultations with the U.S. Navy to protect threatened and endangered species.

Cheryl Sexton-McCarty
For exceptional leadership, strategic and administrative skills as NOAA coordinator for the International Whaling Commission during 2004 through 2007.

Laura Oremland, Bonnie Ponwith
For advancing the ocean literacy of minority students in D.C. public schools and promoting their inaugural participation in the Chesapeake Bay Bowl of 2008.

Michael Pentony, Susan Wigley, Paul Rago
For developing a robust, objective process for collecting data on bycatch for all marine fisheries in the Northeast Region.

Teri Frady, David Kosewski, Rachel Metz-Leland, Daniel J. O’Brien (ret.), Scott Littlefield (CAO), David Radosh (ret.)
For renovating the seal exhibit at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium into a state-of-the-art habitat, continuing its tradition of a marine educational exhibit.

Robert Iwamoto, James Herkelrath, John Rheaume, Ann Byar, Dorothea Smith, Robert Gries (CAO), Rose Olds (AGO)
For quickly diagnosing a serious mold threat and delivering a new building ahead of schedule, within budget, and with minimal impact to employees at the Montlake Laboratory in Seattle, Washington.

National Ocean Service

Suzanne Bricker
For exemplary scientific leadership in forging an improved understanding of nutrient pollution impacts on ecosystems of the U.S. coastal zone.

Jefferson Gray
For leadership in creating the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center and promoting community environmental stewardship at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Barbara Hess
For outstanding support to the Hydrographic Services Review Panel that provides strategic direction on NOAA’s navigation products and services.  

Russell Callender, Alexander F. Holland, David Johnson, Robert E. Magnien, Geoff Scott
For developing for the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science into a "One NOAA" workplace across disciplines, cultures, and miles with safe, state-of-the-art facilities and an empowered workforce.

National Weather Service

James McNitt
For outstanding leadership in IT security efforts to retain authority to operate for both the Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) and the Upper Air (UA) system.

William Murtagh
For exceptional leadership and remarkable skill in cultivating relationships that further both NOAA's and the Department's strategic mission to provide crucial space weather services to the United States.

Michael Staudenmaier
For the development of presentations and materials critical to effective communication on climate change in the National Weather Service.

Michael J. Tichacek
For providing extensive Spanish language media support during the active 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons.

Donald Rinderknech, Jerry Griffin
For extraordinary efforts in overcoming obstacles and time constraints to implement the new DOC Learning Management System in the National Weather Service.

John McNulty, Donald Jiron, Paul Moersdorf
For outstanding dedication and herculean efforts in completing the nation's 39-station DART Network on time and within budget.

Heath Hockenberry, Sue Bracey, Jennifer Lewis, Jan Jones
For exceptional dedication, creativity and perseverance in creating a successful fire weather forecaster exchange program between the U.S. and Australia.

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

LCDR Alan C. Hilton
For planning and leading the operational, engineering, and logistical support to carry out a successful Atmospheric Chemistry cruise aboard the R/V Knorr.

Office of the General Counsel

Peter H. Oppenheimer, Lindy S. Johnson, Ole Varmer, Derek Campbell, Alma J. Lyons, Kathryn Ries (NOS), Michael Weiss (NOS), Ted Beuttler, Edward Lindelof (NOS), Sean F. Corson (NOS), Russell Reardon (NOS), Elizabeth "Betsy" Kohl (DOC OGC), Jennifer Winston (OIA)
For securing international protections for the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument to  protect the world’s most pristine coral reef ecosystems.

Office of Marine and Aviation Operations

LCDR Kristie Twining
For developing the first-ever NOAA Approved Inspection Program (AIP) enhancing the availability, reliability, and safety of NOAA's Twin Otter fleet.

CAPT William Kearse, CDR Joseph Pica
For exemplary leadership in the creation and development of the NOAA Corps' first formal Leadership Development Framework.

NOAA Technology Transfer Award Recipients 

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

Kurt Hondl
For team leadership during the development of the Warning Decision Support System - Integrated Information and for fostering its adopted use in the private sector.

Christian Meinig and Scott Stalin
For the invention of DART® tsunami technology, which allows NOAA to produce accurate tsunami forecasts and, through a patent and license, generated new U.S. jobs.

John A. McGinley, John R. Smart, Linda S. Wharton, Daniel M. Birkenheuer
In recognition of the LAPS technology transfer to support development and implementation of the Precision Airdrop System that improves airdrop activities worldwide.