Station locations:

  • BND, Bondville, IL ( 40.05N, 88.4W)
  • BRW, Barrow, AK (71.3N, 156.6W)
  • CHB, Chebogue Point, Canada (43.74N, 66.12W)
  • CPO, Cheeka Peak, WA ( 48.3N, 124.6W)
  • DEN, Denali National Park, AK (63.45N, 149.3W)
  • HOM, Homer, AK (59.7N, 151.5W)
  • KOS, Kosan, Cheju Island, South Korea (33.29N, 126.16E)
  • PFL, Poker Flat Rocket Range, AK (65.1N, 147.5W)
  • SGP, Southern Great Plains, Lamont, OK (36.6N, 97.5W )
  • THD, Trinidad Head, CA (41.05N, 124.15W)
  • WSA, Sable Island, Nova Scotia  (43.9N, 60.0W)


The filter rack consists of a filter carousel with 8 filters. Seven of the filters are operated consecutively over the course of 1 week to obtain daily submicron aerosol samples. The eighth sample serves as a field blank. One supermicron sample is collected per week on an impactor jet plate located upstream of the filter carousel.

Measurements are made in cooperation with NOAA/ESRL/GMD. Further station information can be found here.

Data can be downloaded here

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